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How Your Phone Builds Up Cache and Slows Down Your Phone

Is your phone too slow? Your apps may be storing outdated files without you even knowing it. Do you know how to get rid of them?

You close all the apps on your phone and your phone is still slow. What do you do now? Well, your phone likely stores files from all of your apps that you don’t really need. These files are stored in a cache as a long-term backup, but the files can build up and bog down your Android before you know it. That’s why it’s important to remove them now and then, so that your phone isn’t overloaded with useless files. Click here download dfndr security and remove cache and junk files by activating the quick cleanup feature:

How to Understand Cache
Imagine a cache as the go-to drawer in your kitchen that is full of loose items. You find a pen one day and think, “I am going to use this one day.” So, naturally and somehow instinctively, you toss it into your cache. And the next day you use the pen and put it back. Simple enough, right? It is a system that works, at least for now.

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One day you find a random fork that has no place, and you put it in the cache drawer. A day later you find a few more forks and several newer, multi-colored pens. Three days later, the drawer is getting filled with more and more loose items, including many new pens. The first pen does not seem so relevant now, but it is still in your cache, and it is still bogging down the drawer with clutter.

This is what happens when you do not clean out your Android’s cache files. The metaphorical drawer gets too heavy and too cluttered with outdated and redundant junk. There are a few ways to clear it out and restore a productive system, though. You could always go into your Android’s settings and clear out the clutter manually, or you can speed up your phone and free up storage space on your device by using quick cleanup.

Quick cleanup is that perfect organizer that knows which pens and forks in your drawer you have not touched in a few days and tosses them out. Suddenly the drawer that you dread opening because of its overwhelming messiness is light and easy. You can make your phone faster and lighter by clicking the link above.

Without all the cache bogging down your phone, your phone will no longer be overloaded like your kitchen drawer. It will not only feel good that your device is more organized, but your device will also have more free space and operate more efficiently. Maybe now it’s time to tackle that kitchen drawer.