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Hyperkin Unveils Product that Makes Your Phone a Gameboy

Hyperkin has been known to dig up the past in their technological innovations. This one might give Pokemon GO a run for its money.

Remember your Game Boy Color? Remember the classic graphics? Remember the catchy tunes in the Pokemon gyms? You obviously miss it. That is why Hyperkin is releasing a product in early December that will allow you to contact your inner child.

This device, called the “Smartboy,” fits as a cartridge outside of your Android. With tactile Gameboy buttons, this item will deliver the true Gameboy playing experience. Simply slide your phone into the cartridge, insert your desired game, and you are ready for your stroll down memory lane.

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The Smart Boy Development Kit, which started as an April Fool’s joke earlier this year, manifested into a reality. Hyperkin has a projected release date of December 1st 2016, just in time for the holiday rush. If you want to ensure you have the item by the holiday season, you can pre-order it for $59.99.

The Smartboy is compatible with both Gameboy and Gameboy Color game cartridges. So gather all of your old Zelda Gameboy games from the closet, because they will finally be useful again.

This product is only available for Android. The schematic presented online only has a depiction of a gray Smartboy, but hopefully more colors will emerge on the market as this product booms in popularity.

The device is still being developed. More details will be available as we get closer to the release date. But it is known that Hyperkin will also include “open source serial app and firmware.” In layman’s terms, this means that users will have the opportunity to fix glitches and develop the technology. The updates and builds can be saved and uploaded to a Hyperkin forum.

Maybe it’s the irony of using new technology to revive antiquated 1990’s games. Maybe it’s the excitement of turning your cellphone into your favorite childhood gaming gadget. Whatever it is, Gameboy enthusiasts can’t wait to snag this item in early December.