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iCPooch: the App That Lets You Video Chat With Your Pets

Never feel guilty about leaving your furry friends home alone again. With iCPooch you’re able to talk to and see your pets no matter where you are.

You love your pets, you always take great pet photos, and enjoy their company, right? There are times you wonder what they are doing while you are away. Stop the worrying on both of your parts.

Now, you don’t have to wonder (or worry) anymore, not if you install the Android app along with its accompanying hardware: iCPooch, the new app for avid pet owners everywhere.

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iCPooch: Video Chat with Your Pets

What began as a Kickstarter project not only received its funding, going over the original $20K they were hoping for, but is now out and available – and receiving pretty rave reviews.

The concept is exactly what working pet parents were hoping for: a way to keep tabs on their dog, check in during the day, and even dispense treats. It came from an idea of a woman when she was only twelve years old. Now, it’s a reality.

Her dog, Kayla, suffered from separation anxiety. In 2012, she was chosen from a group of adult entrepreneurs to see her project to market, while working on acquiring investors. Her device, the iCPooch, lets animal lovers view and chat to their dogs from anywhere.

iCPooch: How it Works

It all begins with you and your old cell phone. Think of it as a computer and treat dispenser all wrapped up in one appealing package. The easy to use interface requires no action on your dogs part and can be used simply by doggie owners without any technical knowledge. If you can press a button, you can easily have a little facetime with Fido.

What’s inside the iCPooch? A hard-working internal computer with Wi-Fi capability so that you can dispense doggie treats right over the Internet. You will need AC power and a Wi-Fi router to connect the iCPooch.

There is nothing complicated here though. Simply connect your home Wi-Fi without the hassle of Wi-Fi router reconfigurations. See how simple it is?

Then, download the free app from the Google Play Store. You will need to have Android devices that are version 4.1 and later. With your Android device, you can then use the free setup option to get it going on your home network – and control the device when you aren’t around.