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Are Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat Killing Your Battery?

These apps are likely the most popular ones on your phone, but could they be running programs in the background that are killing your battery?

If you find that your phone’s battery is constantly dying on you, then you may want to look into your phone’s battery usage by app. Are Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat responsible for your dead battery?

Whether or not they’re the reason, the best way to keep your battery from dying is to take advantage of dfndr’s powerpro.  powerpro will make your phone battery last longer by allowing you to see which of your phone’s applications are using the most energy. It can then close the apps that are draining your battery, and offer suggestions for improving your phone’s battery life.  

You may be wondering how Instagram can be draining your battery even when you’re not using it that often. Many people are not aware that, even though they aren’t looking at Instagram, it is still running in the background. The only way to be sure that Instagram isn’t running in the background is to fully close the app instead of just exiting it. Another aspect of Instagram that could be draining your battery is the location feature. If you have given Instagram permission to your location, then Instagram will be constantly searching for your location even when you’re not using the app. The best way to get rid of this is by going to the Instagram permissions and turning off location.

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One reason Facebook is draining so much battery is because the app is constantly updating with new information behind the scenes. In order to stop Facebook from draining your battery, you need to turn off the “background app refresh” permission. This “background app refresh” is the reason that every app, particularly social media and news apps, are constantly updating with new information. By turning this off, this will save you battery. App developers like to have frequent updates, so apps like Facebook could be secretly updating all day and draining your battery life.

A great way to reduce how much battery Snapchat is using is by turning Snapchat on “Travel Mode” in the app’s settings. By turning it to travel mode, Snapchat will run less in the background and save you battery. Another thing that really drains your battery is using the snapchat camera all day. The camera uses a ton of battery life and can really drain your phone battery if you have it open for long periods of time throughout the day.