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Keep Those Intimate Pics Private on Valentine’s Day

It’s all about lighting, shadows, and your natural radiance, but also making sure those sexy photos stay hidden from prying eyes.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and sometimes intimacy is expressed by sharing videos or images with your loved one. There’s a number of ways to paint your selfie in a flattering way, by using the right angles, lighting, and shading to make sure that self-portrait is sexy but tasteful.

And if you’re on the receiving end of Valentine’s Day photos or videos, remember to keep those private by using dfndr vault to hide them away from prying eyes (like snooping girlfriends or pranking guy friends).  Or heck, your mom! 

Meanwhile, learn some tips and tricks to making your Valentine’s Day photos enticing for secret viewing sessions.

Use the Right Angles
One way to paint your selfie in a positive manner is by using easy, natural and sexy lighting. Stand, sit or lay six to eight feet from a window. You can then angle slightly towards the window while placing yourself adjacent to the window and then put your phone on a timer to capture the entire moment.

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One way to enhance it — depending on what your style is — are collapsible reflectors to bounce light from the window back into the hidden shadows of your frame. Sometimes, the shadows add to the sensuality of the finished photo.

Use Natural Light
Another way to make your photo beautiful and radiant is by having a completely lit backdrop of either natural sunlight or a well-lit location where the light is coming from the back. Using this technique, you’ll be able to show your body in the form of a shadow that reveals a captivating figure. Natural light offers some great conditions for shooting, especially if you want to capture a playful, clean mood.

Filters Can “Pretty” Up Your Photos
You might want to add some filters to soften up a photo or make it sharper. Try top filters like VSCO and Snapseed and go to town! It’s not like your significant other doesn’t already know what you look like, but a near professionally edited photo goes a long way to spicing things up and making them interesting for Valentine’s Day.