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What Is the Pro Security Plan?

The Pro Security plan includes all the free features of dfndr security, without ads, and includes these premium features

Unlimited Identity Theft Reports

Identity theft is a growing and frightening problem. We recommend taking more precautions to prevent your data from leaking online. With Identity Theft Reports, register multiple email accounts and obtain real-time reports on the safety of all your login credentials.

Leaked Password Detector

Being a victim of identity theft can be scary and immediate action is recommended. If one of your accounts is breached, the Leaked Password Detector is a vital feature that will detect which passwords are compromised and offer help on what to do. 

Anti-Theft Protection

Last year, approximately 2.1 million phones were stolen in the U.S., which means you’ll want to this type of protection for your Android. The Anti-theft feature enables you to locate your phone, remotely lock it and erase data, and will also send you photo evidence by email of a thief trying to access your phone.

Enjoy the full benefits of Pro Security by trying all these features we’ve mentioned. By keeping your personal information and identity safe, you can focus on the more important things in life.