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Learn How to Spot a Weak Smartphone Battery

You want your smartphone’s battery to have a good, long life. Find out how to spot a weak battery, and how to improve its performance.

There are a few tell-tale signs of a weak smartphone battery. However, you should first check to see whether or not your battery appears weaker than it is simply because all of your apps are draining your battery. Use PowerPro feature to identify tasks that are consuming too much of your phone’s battery, to see if this helps to improve its battery life:

PowerPro will help you to manage your apps and remove any tasks that are draining your phone’s battery. It will also offer you suggestions on how you can make your device’s battery last longer. Still, if better managing your apps doesn’t help to significantly improve your phone’s battery life, then your phone may have a weak battery. The following are some of the biggest signs of a bad battery.

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Signs of a Bad Phone Battery

  • Your phone won’t turn on. If you recently had your phone in your pocket or a bag that got soaked from a rainstorm, or if you dropped your phone in a toilet, then you may have killed your phone’s battery.
  • Your new phone dies quickly. If you just purchased a new smartphone, your phone’s battery should not be dying quickly (unless you’re using it constantly to watch videos, play games, and et cetera). You should be able to go for some time without charging your device, since the battery is new. If it’s dying after a few hours, then you likely bought a phone with a bad battery.
  • Your phone’s battery is no longer smooth. If you’re having issues with your phone’s battery, try removing the battery (if removable) to examine the surface. If the surface is not smooth — i.e. if it has a “bulge” — then your battery has gone bad.
  • Your phone isn’t charging correctly. If your phone is not charging properly, if it loses its charge quickly after charging, or if it only works when connected to a power source, then you have a weak phone battery.
  • Your phone is hot when it charges. If your phone gets hot when you’re charging it — and it hasn’t yet reached 100% — then your battery is starting to die.

How to Improve Your Phone’s Battery

If your phone has a bad battery, whether from the start or else due to damage, then you’ll need to replace it. No matter what you decide to do, you should make an effort to preserve your new phone battery. Click here to use DFNDr’s Total Charge feature to monitor your phone’s charging process so that you can prevent damage to your battery:

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