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The Major Threats That Target Your Backed Up Data

Even though your data is backed up, there are still security threats that linger. Click here to find out how to keep your backed up data safe and sound.

The Cloud Security Alliance is working hard to make cloud technology virtually impenetrable. Lately, they have released a list of practices that will keep your cloud drive at maximum security. Here’s what they found.

Loss of Data
When you backup your data, it is sent to your cloud service provider. As a result, you place full faith in them to responsibly protect your data. Unfortunately, the cloud service companies don’t always vigilantly protect the stored data. To avoid this, you should ensure that your cloud service provider has protection against accidental deletion. It is also important to confirm that your provider has some form of duplication with your data in case the original files get deleted.

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Account Hacking
Hackers are constantly finding clever ways to gain access to the credentials that keep your account safe. There are a few easy steps you can take to keep your passwords safe. First of all, do not click on any emails that have suspicious content. Many of these emails are malicious and designed for phishing your account and hacking your password. Moreover, it is important that you use different passwords across different accounts. If you use the same password for your email, work, and social media accounts, then a hacker will have easy access to all of your personal information.

Business partners and former employees can potentially breach the credentials of your business if you are not careful. If an employee leaves the company with significant knowledge of company security information, then they can easily circumvent the security systems and hack your systems. Information Technology policies can amend for these vulnerabilities in the backup data.

So now that my backup data is protected, what about my cell phone?
PSafe Total is a phone application that provides a variety of services that will help optimize the speed, safety and functionality of your device.

Advanced Protection is a function within PSafe Total that allows PSafe to protect your device from third-party uninstalls in case of loss or theft. This maximizes the privacy of your photos, messages, and personal data.

PSafe Total also contains anti-theft protection. The system can track, block, locate, and even erase all of your data remotely in case of loss or theft.