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Make a Wall into a Phone with Sony’s Xperia Touch

Sony's Xperia Touch is bringing something new to the table by turning your table or wall into a touchable smartphone. Find out how it works.

The Mobile World Congress featured more than the usual cell phones and tablets. This year, Sony shared the Xperia Touch as more than just a concept: this time it’s a product. More recently, Sony has shared many incredible, experimental new tech items. But what is the Xperia Touch? It’s a short-throw laser projector that turns your wall or table into a touchable Android gadget.

The Xperia Touch Turns Your Wall into a Phone

It might contain smartphone parts, but that’s where the similarity ends for the Xperia Touch. There’s no screen, but there is a LCoS laser projector with an auto focus. There is also a combination of an IR array and a 60fps camera for touch controls. But how do you make your wall into a phone? There are a few things you have to do before you can jump right into the fun of turning your wall into a phone.

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Features of the Xperia Touch

With auto focus, auto rotation, and even auto keystoning, you don’t have to fiddle with much. The device will handle it on its own without your help since there aren’t even manual controls. You only need to set it where you want it to go and it will figure out the best way to achieve the expected result. Once it’s ready, you have a 23” display and a 10-point multitouch taken care of by the IR array. You can draw using your fingers or have access to a recipe without getting flour all over your phone.

An Expensive Device with Potential

With its almost $1600 price tag and washed out images, it may be hard to imagine anyone shelling out the cash for this model. The Xperia Touch probably won’t be on your day’s shopping list any time soon — but it is available to purchase now. The potential, however, is there. As technology changes, it could prove to be an amazingly useful device — after the images are dialed up at least, and the price better aligns with the current cost of high-end cell phones.

Benefits of the Xperia Touch

Nonetheless, it is a useful product: it is an affordable projector that is great for group gatherings or individual use. You could project your web browsing, videos, photos, and games onto a wall for others to enjoy. This could be a great way to stream your next Netflix movie, too — and feel like you’re watching it at a theater.