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What Are Some of The Most Mom-Friendly Apps?

Moms often have to juggle so much. Luckily, one of these five mom-approved apps could make your life easier.

It’s no secret that moms lead busy lives. You have to keep your kids entertained, keep your own schedule under control, and complete household requirements. Any mom needs all the assistance she can get. Here, we’ll share five apps, one of which we think might become your next little helper.

Sometimes, moms just need a night out. The app, an offshoot of the popular website, connects you with caregivers, housekeepers, and tutors who can give you a break. You can screen potential caregivers by reading reviews from other clients, and you can post long-term jobs yourself. The app even lets you send payments to your caregivers after service had been completed.

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Children are, of course, big expenses. Mint lets you set budgets of your own choosing and monitor those budgets over time. The Mint app tracks each one of your expenditures and puts that spending into a category, so you can track where your money is going. If you’ve nearly reached — or exceeded — one of your budgets, Mint will send you an email letting you know to watch your spending in this category.


If you’re struggling to stay fit, the popular Couch-to-5K program has an app that can help you reach your fitness goals. From success stories from people who have used the app to personalized workouts, the app follows the core ideas that make the program so effective: it makes working out manageable.

Feed Baby

For new moms, the Feed Baby app helps you track your newborn’s needs easily and efficiently. The app gives you ways to track your baby’s needs, from the last time you breastfed him to when you last changed his diaper. The app then gives you multiple ways to check up more holistically, including how often the baby needs to eat and how her growth is progressing along with other young children’s.  

Algebra Touch

If you’ve forgotten some of the basics of algebra, this $2.99 app in the Google Play Store can be a refresher for you and your child. This app will help jog your memory about solving equations, let your child practice solving equations, and let you follow along with the lessons she’s learning in school using the coordinated lessons.

Apps can help simplify any mom’s life. Do you have a tried-and-true app that helps you get through your day? Share your app secret in the comments.