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Mystery No More: Her Story is Now Available On Android

Do you like solving crimes? If so, you’re in luck. Her Story, which many claim is the “best mystery game” is just the app for you.

Her Story is an interactive, mystery movie videogame that centers around live video footage taken from a police database. While programmers say that the app is pretty simple, many find it to be a very high-quality game. Directed by Sam Barlow, it stars Viva Seifert, actress and member of the band Joe Gideon and the Shark. In the game, a woman is being interviewed by the police about the disappearance of her husband. Players sit at a police computer terminal and type in search queries; these queries pull up clips of statements that the woman has made to police that pertain to the search query that was typed.

How to Get Started

To play, just download Her Story to your Android device. The app is compatible with version 4.4 and is available on Google Play for just $2.99. This is a rather small fee when you consider the fact that the game is critically acclaimed. It has won a number of awards for its engaging and stellar true crime documentary game experience. The game is rated for mature audiences and requires 1.0G of available memory to install and play.

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The app that is available on Google Play is version nine of the app, so most of the flaws and bugs that may have been present in the original app have been worked out. Problems with file directory and permissions that resulted in data being lost in the previous versions have been eliminated.

PSafe and Her Story

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