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What the NBA Fit Android App Can Do for You

Want to work out like an athlete? Get in shape with the latest NBA Fit Android app, and see how you compete

You don’t need to be a basketball fan to appreciate Android’s NBA Fit app, but it certainly helps. Why? This app, released by the NBA, sends users fitness tips and tricks from their favorite NBA and WNBA players.

What Is NBA Fit?

Although it may seem like an activity-tracker, NBA Fit is not a replacement for Under Armour’s UA Record app. In fact, they should be used together! NBA Fit is like a fitness-focused Facebook. You can share status updates, view fitness related videos, and get tips you can actually use.

Tips from league coaches can help you build up strength, and improve conditioning. Join challenges, from the NBA and WNBA, for virtual competition. While in the app, you can see how many days of the competition are left, where you are currently in your fitness journey, how many workouts you’ve completed, and more.

It pays to push yourself. Browse the leaderboards by sex and age to see where you fit in. You can easily see how many miles other users have logged. If you start climbing the leaderboards, you could win tickets to a game. Now that’s one way to get motivated, and keep yourself going!

How to Use NBA Fit

When you combine NBA Fit with the Under Armour Record app, you can view more fitness information, including your sleep pattern, number of steps, current nutrition, weight, and workout regimen.

NBA Fit will include new challenges, and goals to help you stay focused. Use the handy tips and videos to see the right way to train, and better avoid any bench-inducing injuries.

Get your friends on board. Then, you can comment, like, and view your pal’s uploaded images, videos, and workouts. You can even follow your favorite superstar athletes for a peek behind the scenes before they hit the court.

Be careful when choosing accounts to follow. So far, the app has yet to release a “verified” version, so it can be hard to figure out which basketball star is actually a basketball star.

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