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New Credit Card Skimmers Harder to Detect Than Ever

Thieves have upped their game. This time, credit card scanners are slim, small, and almost impossible to detect. What can you do?

Devices that read ATM data aren’t a new development, but they used to be bulkier and easier to find. Now, however, the new credit card skimmers are harder to detect and adept at swiping information. If you prefer to use Android Pay instead of swiping a credit card, though, you should make sure that your device remains secure. Use the Full Virus Scan to check your phone and SD card for any information-stealing malware or havoc-causing viruses. If it finds anything amiss, it will take care of it for you. Click here to scan your device for malware now:

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New Credit Card Skimmer Theft

The European ATM Security Team has warned about new credit card skimmers that are almost impossible to be detected by just looking at them, says Krebs on Security. The new devices are small, slim, and fit right inside the cavity of the credit card slot. When a user swipes his or her card, the data is taken. If you think that entering your pin number keeps you safe from this theft, think again. A spy camera will then capture you typing in your PIN number. The thieves now have everything they need to begin using your money anywhere, any way they want.

The new chip bank cards are one way to help thwart thieves, but the problem has now moved to the U.S., as American banking institutions were slow to respond with chip cards to block this type of theft.

Keep Your Personal Info Protected

How can you protect yourself from this sneakier thievery? You can start by using your other hand to cover your pin as you enter it in. It’s a simple step that most people skip. Anyone watching, whether in-person or through a spy camera, won’t be able to take your data with an obstructed view. If you’ve received a chip card, get it activated and use it.

Activate Anti-theft02
You can also take advantage of DFNDR’s various Anti-Theft features. If you lose your phone, the last thing you want is for it to fall into the wrong hands — especially if you pay for goods with Android Pay. With all that personal data and financial information on your phone, thieves would have a field day. Click above to protect your phone in case of loss or theft:

With Anti-Theft you can lock down your phone’s data, see your phone’s location, and sound an alarm to find it. You can remotely access these functions, and more, even when the phone isn’t on. When it is powered up and active, your responses will push through and help prevent any data loss.