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What is the Newly Released iPhone 7 Missing?

What is the Newly Released iPhone 7 Missing?

Apple had another unveiling, and it’s easy to get distracted by the hype. We’ve looked past the smoke to highlight what the iPhone is missing.

Every time a new Apple product is released, it seems that everyone rushes to get the new phone but no one ever addresses the product itself. It’s easy to be swept up in the frenzy and not recognize all of the features that the iPhone 7 doesn’t include. You know, the features that could actually affect your day-to-day phone experience. Here’s what we found to be the biggest misses.

Headphone Jack
One of the most memorable talking points about the iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone jack. While it might have gotten the most press, and had people talking about a new world of just bluetooth headphones, it seems that apple may have acted too early on this dream. Apple does provide a pair of wireless headphones with the purchase, but it is only one pair. Most of us have accumulated dozens of headphones, and enjoy having different sets for different actions or locations. Only being able to use one pair is an annoyance, especially when the sound quality of the ones provided is not remarkable. They do provide an adapter that will allow you to use your old headphones, but again, it’s only one, and if you lose it you’ll have to pay for another expensive adaptor. Overall, it seems like the only effect of removing the headphone jack is extra annoyance.

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The new phone has the same display screen as its older counterpart, the iPhone 6s, but many say the color and brightness is increased. While the screen may look nice, it doesn’t have the OLED panels we’re used to on our Android phones. Our OLED screen offers more intense colors and deeper blacks, and preserves our battery life. Maybe the iPhone 10 will catch up to us.

What critics have called the most compelling feature of the iPhone is the new camera. The iPhone 7 gives photographers a 2x optical zoom. Users can easily switch between the two lenses, which will produce pictures with better focus and zoom. A critic in one review mentioned that while it is an improvement, it is not enough of a reason to ditch your current phone. It’s not a good sign when the best new feature of a product is not reason enough to buy it.

Overall, the iPhone 7 can be seen as an improvement from the iPhone 6, but is it an improvement for the entire mobile telephone world? We don’t think so. Stick to your favorite Android device, and make sure to download PSafe Total to keep your phone running 10x faster than the newest iPhone.