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How to Use Your Android Device Like a True Techie

Techies always have the coolest ways to use their technology. Whether or not you’re a tech pro, you can steal their style with one of these tips.

Techies always have the best ways to hack the pieces of technology you thought you understood. Same goes for the Android. Even if you’re on your phone day and night, there are still pro tips you could start using to make it work even better. Here are our favorite ways to use your Android like a techie.

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Only Let Important People Call or Text You.
Here’s how to turn on “Priority Mode.”

1. Click the up or down volume button.
2. When the screen pops up, click on “Priority Mode.”
3. You can set the length of time you want the mode on.
4. You can also click “Settings” to add contacts who you want to be able to contact you.

Unlock Your Phone When You’re Not Worried About Someone Looking at it.
When you’re in a safe place, you don’t need your phone to prompt you for your PIN or password. To do this, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to “Settings” and then “Security.”
2. Find “Smart Lock.”
3. Click on Trusted Places and add your current location. The phone will then recognize when you’re in that safe place and unlock your phone when you’re there.

Zoom in on any screen.
To make sure you can zoom on every screen, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to “Settings” and “Accessibility.”
2. Go to “Magnification Gestures” and switch to “On.”
3. To magnify, you then triple tap on any page you want to. You can also adjust your zoom by using two-finger drag to zoom in and two-finger pinch to zoom out.

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