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An Overview of Apps That Aim to Manage Your Inbox

An overflowing inbox is a problem that unites many. Keep reading to learn more about apps that can help you organize all of these electronic correspondences.

If you are a busy worker or a just a popular person, then you likely have a lot of emails to deal with. This can be incredibly difficult, considering you only have one inbox folder. Luckily, there have been several apps invented to help manage the madness of your inbox.

Gmail has become an excellent mail service for those who have more than one job or have to manage multiple projects. The app offers several convenient ways to organize your emails into separate folders. Plus, the spam filter is phenomenal, so you will seldom see any emails in your inbox that are unfamiliar or malicious. The service holds 15GB of mail (15x what they provided when they started), so you will never have to worry about deleting emails for extra room.

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This is an ideal app for those who use the Microsoft Outlook email service. With one interface, Outlook will provide you with your calendar, contacts, tasks, and emails. This can simplify any complex work schedule that you might have. Microsoft Outlook Office 365 Personal is normally $6.99/month, but it is free for Android.

Boxer is an email app that is compatible with nearly all email providers. You can implement to-do lists, notifications, and a dashboard for urgent tasks. The app allows you to swipe away emails that you do not like until you have an empty inbox. Moreover, Boxer enables you to send short video snippets to other people who have the app. When you swipe, you can conveniently mark your emails as trash or spam. While this app is $4.99 for iOS, it is free for Androids.

CloudMagic is the perfect app for people who manage multiple email accounts. The app combines all of your emails into one inbox, and it allows you to filter the inbox by email account. The creators of the app boast that it is compatible with all email service providers. CloudMagic allows you to choose which email account you wish to send each email from. The app has been critically acclaimed by sources such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.