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Peace of Mind With a Plan Tailored to You

We are excited to introduce new subscription options to prevent even more threats to your Android.

Hackers never rest, and neither do we. At PSafe, we’ve been working hard to develop the right plans to provide multi-layers of protection for your Android and we’ve accomplished that.

Get acquainted with 3 dfndr security plans that will offer you more peace of mind: Ads Free, Pro, and Ultra.  

You may have questions on the benefits of each plan and which one you should choose. Here are the answers to help you decide.

Q: What is the Ads Free plan?

A: This plan has the protection you’ve come to know, including Anti-Hacking, AppLock, and a scheduled Security Scan but your experience is completely ads free. Who wouldn’t all that without having to close ads? If you want the same protection you trust but would rather avoid pesky ads, choose Ads Free now:

Q: What is the Pro Security plan?

A: You can enjoy all that is offered in the Ads Free plan and the Pro Security plan also includes 2 important features that plague anyone who owns a smartphone today: identity theft and physical loss of your phone. These features help you stay steps ahead of thieves and hackers in these ways:

Identity Theft Reports

Identity theft is a growing and frightening problem. We recommend taking more precautions to prevent your data from leaking online. Register multiple email accounts and obtain real-time reports on the safety of your login credentials. If one of your accounts is breached, you’ll know which password(s) were compromised and get help on what to do.

Anti-Theft Protection

Last year, approximately 2.1 million phones were stolen in the U.S., which means you’ll want to add this kind of protection for your Android. The Anti-theft feature in dfndr security enables you to locate your phone, remotely lock it and erase data, and will also send you photo evidence by email of a thief trying to access your phone.

Being hacked and having your identity stolen should be a concern as well as the physical loss of your phone. If it’s a huge concern for you, choose Pro Security and upgrade now:

Q: What is the Ultra Security Plan?

A: The Ultra Security plan includes the Ads Free experience, unlimited Identity Theft Reports (including being able to know which passwords were compromised), Anti-theft protection, and in addition, a new essential feature called, Identity Theft Monitoring. We recently conducted a survey on identity theft and 43% of respondents shared they have been hacked and had their identity stolen. The victimization of identity theft can last months, even years, which is why implementing preventative measures is vital. Here is how Identity Theft Monitoring can help you stay safe: 

Data Monitoring

Monitor all of your credentials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To activate this, register your email accounts and whenever there is any suspicious activity concerning your personal data, you’ll immediately receive a notification by email.

Regular Reporting

Every week, you’ll receive a complete security status of your registered accounts right into your inbox.

Breach Alerts

If your data is violated and compromised, you’ll receive alerts via email with the details of the leak and what to do to resolve the problem.

It’s recommended that you use the Identity Theft Report feature in tandem with Identity Theft Monitoring to ensure constant protection from the hacking of your identity. Hackers continually invent new methods of attack and both features are a strong, preventative measure. You can upgrade to the Ultra Plan below:

We are always improving to keep your personal information out of the wrong hands, so you can focus on the important things in life. 

If you’re a free user, access the full benefits of our subscription plans and choose better security. 

Feel free to check out ALL the plans at once as well, go here: