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Here’s Why Your Phone Connected to a Public Wi-Fi Network

While out in public, you've probably looked down at your phone to see that it connected automatically to a network called "xfinitywifi" or "optimumwifi." Why?

While out running errands or grabbing coffee with friends, you may have noticed that your phone, while searching for an available Wi-Fi network, automatically connected to a public network such as “xfinitywifi” or “optimumwifi.” It’s happened to most of us. But how secure are these public Wi-Fi networks? Luckily, it’s easy to check the status of a public network. Simply click the button below to check your network with wi-fi check:


If you’ve connected to one of these networks and are wondering why your Youtube video is playing more slowly than usual, it’s easy to check your Wi-Fi speed and connection security. wi-fi check will run for a moment, and then allow you to view a detailed description of your network’s speed, connection, and security. wi-fi check can also display your download speed, so the next time you need to download a PDF for work while away from the office, you can know exactly how long it will take.

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Use wi-fi check whenever you need more information about the type of network you’re about to join. As these public networks increase in popularity around the U.S., you’ll want to make sure that you’re connecting to a safe network. It’s best to be cautious when joining an unknown network so you can be prepared to defend your phone against any type of security threat.

Automatically Joining Public Networks
You may have been presented with a window that asked you to log in to your Xfinity or Optimum W-Fi account. There doesn’t seem to be any other public Wi-Fi networks around, so why do these networks show up so frequently? Companies, such as Xfinity, pay to provide complimentary Wi-Fi hotspots to their customers. These hotspots are placed in various public locations and allow up to five people to connect to it at one time. These networks are publicly accessible, which means that you should be careful about what type of information you provide or access while connected to the network.

While using a public network, you should never buy goods online, enter your credit card or banking information, send or read sensitive emails or documents, or type in any account information. If a malicious individual is on the network, he or she could easily see your every move online or compromise your device. If you’re worried about using public Wi-Fi, it might be best to change your phone’s settings so that your phone isn’t set to automatically join public networks.