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I Can’t Afford to Upgrade My Phone, What Can I Do?

You can still improve your Android phone’s functionality with a performance-enhancing app.

If you’re hoping to upgrade your phone but dang, your budget is tight, there are still ways to improve your phone’s performance without breaking the bank. With the right app, you can increase your phone’s speed and reduce lag time on a budget. There’s a lot that dfndr performance can do for your device, which we’ll talk about below. But, meanwhile, download it:

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Delete Old Files
One of the main ways that devices slow down over time is when you download too many apps, take too many pictures and videos, or save tons of files. There’s an easy way to get rid of old files and clean out your device’s storage capacity — dfndr performance has a handy quick cleaner feature.

The feature helps to remove junk files from your phone, while also cleaning the cache, any temporary files, and other stored data that’s hogging up phone space. By clearing up internal space and on your SD card, your phone will run faster.

Ditch Those Duplicate Photos
We often take multiple pictures of the same object (including ourselves) on a quest for the perfect picture. However, many of us fail to delete those duplicate photos once we’ve posted the image on social media and promptly forget about it. The duplicate photos feature identifies repeated photos on your device and offers you the choice of which ones to delete and which ones to keep. (But remember, the aim is to get rid of pics, so try to keep only 1 copy!)

Use One App at a Time
A common problem that Android users have is there are multiple apps running in the background, which stresses the RAM memory and slows down a device. dfndr performance’s speed boost feature can identify which apps are running at once and close them to speed up your phone. This can also help reduce the amount of lockups and crashes when out and about using your device.

Hate Notifications? We Do Too
We have all dealt with too many notifications popping up on our smartphones. Control which notifications are sent to your “do not disturb” list and have the ability to view and clean junk notifications with one touch with notification cleaner. Activating this will unbog your phone and keep it clutter free. Pretty nifty, right?

With these tips, we hope you’re convinced that a performance app like dfndr is exactly what your budget needs to keep that ol’phone happy. 🙂