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How To Prevent Apps From Using Your Microphone

No one wants to deal with Big Brother listening in on everything you say. Why would you want your apps to use your microphone? Here’s how to stop them!

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, it is easy to overlook the vulnerabilities in our smartphones that can potentially be exploited for malicious purposes. Even without the specter of hackers, however, your smartphone apps may be using features that you may not be comfortable with. Specifically, certain apps on Android could access your microphone without your permission, meaning that whatever audio your phone’s microphone can pick up, from conversations with loved ones and meetings at work to the sound of your dog barking, could be recorded and stored without you ever knowing. While this sounds creepy and disturbing, there are solutions for Android users.

Since Android 6.0, or “Marshmallow”, most new apps now require iOS-style permissions to be granted before an app accesses functions like the microphone or camera on your phone. For older apps like Google or Facebook, however, there may still be issues regarding permissions and access to features you’d rather prohibit these apps from using. To remedy this for individual apps overstepping their boundaries, follow these steps.

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  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Hit “Apps” under the Device heading.
  3. Select whichever app you wish to restrict permissions for.
  4. Once you reach the app info. screen, you should see a “Permissions” tab. Select this.
  5. From here, select the functions you want or don’t want the app to access.

For older apps that have not been updated to Android 6.0, warning screens may appear stating that the app may not work as intended if denied access to your phone’s functions. While most of the time revoking these permissions will not affect how your apps or your phone performs, should you feel the need to grant an app permission to use your microphone, you can always return to the Settings app and follow the above instructions.

While some apps require a few minutes of your time in the Settings app to control your privacy online, PSafe’s antivirus protection app gives your phone an extra layer of support, keeping watch over your apps’ activity and your phone’s well-being so you don’t have to. For the best in Android protection, download PSafe Total now.