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A Review of the Innovative Dolphin Web Browser

Why settle for default web browsers when there are better options for free? Learn more about the Dolphin browser for Android.

Finding a reliable web browser can be a difficult endeavor. Some are nearly unusable without the help of external add-ons like AdBlocker. Others have a clunky UI that makes web browsing on mobile a chore. Many people are simply looking for a browser that is suited for streaming Netflix or live Facebook videos on a lazy weekend afternoon.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for in your web surfing sessions, look no further than the Dolphin browser for Android and iOS. One of the most sought-after and critically-acclaimed browsers currently available on Google Play, Dolphin is a free web app that provides you with the highest quality entertainment features such as fast content loading speed, an HTML5 video player, AdBlock, an easy-to-use tab bar, sidebars, incognito browsing, and a Flash player. While this is far from unique to Dolphin — all of these features can be found on Google Chrome if you’re dead set on using that — few other browsers execute its functions as smoothly as the Dolphin browser. Additionally, Dolphin supports an incredible volume of individual customization. For instance, if you want to spruce up your browser, you can import photos from your camera roll to appear in the background while running the Dolphin browser.

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What really sets Dolphin apart from other web browsers, however, is its intelligent gesture system. Designed as a more elegant version of the “shortcut” functions found on iOS, Dolphin’s intelligent gesture lets you set organic bookmarks and shortcuts to your most frequented sites. For instance, if you’re looking to get onto, you can set the gesture to a heart. The next time you want to visit that site, simply draw a heart with your finger or a stylus, and the site will be loaded up. It’s that easy.

Dolphin also features its own version of Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri, cleverly titled as “Sonar”. By shaking your phone, Sonar activates, letting your spoken queries do your browsing for you, whether you’re Googling a recipe for chicken alfredo or trying to find the latest news from the BBC.

Finally, while the app has had its rough patches, the developers of Dolphin have been outstandingly reliable in assuaging consumer concerns and having updates with fixes readily and regularly available. Dolphin may not be the “perfect” web browser, but it’s probably the closest thing you can get.