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Is It Safe to Let Your Android’s Browser Remember Passwords?

Having your phone remember site passwords makes your life easier and makes access quicker, but is it worth it? What is easier for you may be easier for hackers.

Is it safe to have your Android remember passwords for you? As you may have guessed, as badly as you want the answer to be “yes,” it’s a wholehearted “no.” Having your Android remember passwords for you may allow you to access your email or banking website more swiftly, but if your phone somehow falls into the wrong hands, this easy access is going to make your life a whole lot more difficult. Click here to use advanced protection to protect your phone’s security in the event of loss or theft:

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There are a few ways your passwords 
can be turned against you when you save them to your browser. Because your phone travels everywhere with you, there is always a chance you will lose it, and if you have passwords saved in it, anyone just needs to get to the home screen and everything will be open to them.

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The same can be true if someone is able to access your phone remotely. Essentially, the hard work has already been done for them. It doesn’t matter if your password is a series of impossible to guess numbers and letters — if it is already saved, the guesswork is already done. Even something as innocuous as your email can have huge ramifications. Besides sending prank emails, most sites allow you to reset your password through the use of your email, and a would-be hacker can use your email to gain access to numerous accounts while simultaneously locking you out.

How to Protect Your Device
There are other resources to defend yourself against hacks. dfndr’s applock feature allows you to lock your apps with a password, to further protect yourself against potential hacks and thieves. Even with additional security measures, the best thing you can do is to avoid situations that could result in your phone falling into the wrong hands. This means keeping an eye on your phone at all times while you are out and about, as well as while you are with friends.

It may seem like a paranoid habit, but the simple truth is that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The same is true for your Internet browsing. Make sure to always use secure networks, and be careful about the sites that you use. If you don’t know the site, look it up and make sure it is legitimate — any information you put into an untrusted site could be used against you.