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How to Safely and Easily Clean Your Computer

From the keyboard to the mouse to the inside, a better performing machine can be yours. Keep your computer clean inside and out with these simple tips.

You may have the best of intentions when it comes to caring for your computer. You don’t eat over it (too often). You don’t drink over it (that much). But you know you haven’t been caring for it like you should. Get it clean and ready for action in no time with these tips.

Clean your computer keyboard

It’s grimy, it’s gritty. Your computer keyboard needs a cleaning. Making your computer keyboard look and feel like new again is easy. To begin, turn off your laptop. Then, using baby wipes or similar products, rub gently over the keys. Do the same for your mouse. Disconnect the mouse, then gently rub the cleaning cloth all over it. Now, grab a can of compressed air, and spray away between the keys to remove the dust, pet hair, and occasional potato chip that likes to settle between them.

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Clean your computer screen

Turn off your laptop so you can better see the great, big dirty splotches. For an LCD, you want to be especially careful that you don’t press too hard, and damage your screen. If you do, you’ll burn out the pixels. Using a dry microfiber cloth, not a paper towel or tissue to avoid scratching your screen, gently rub across your computer screen to clean off all the gunk. If you must, you may ever so slightly dampen the cloth, in order to remove stubborn dirty spots. Distilled water is the best choice and will keep from leaving spots behind.

Clean up your computer on the inside

Now that your computer is tied up on the outside, it’s time to clean it up on the inside. PSafe Total Windows is the perfect way to begin. Install PSafe TOTAL Windows. To begin, run a virus scan, and see if there are any hidden dangers lurking within your system. After the scan is complete, deal with any issues accordingly. Then, take a look at the suggestions offered within the software to help your computer run faster and smoother than ever. It will also identify temporary and unnecessary files, so you can delete those as well. Freeing up space will also help your laptop’s performance.

Keep it Clean

Now that your laptop is up to speed, keep it that way. Take the time to occasionally wipe down the mouse and keyboards, especially after family members have been ill, and wipe off the screen.

Be sure to consistently run PSafe Total Windows to ensure a fast-working, zippy computer that’s free from resource hogging viruses and malware. Follow the software’s suggestions for a computer that won’t let you down.