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How To Set A Mobile Data Limit on Android

Overages on data are crazy. If only there was a way for your phone to stop you from using too much data. You’re in luck! There is.

With so many apps requiring use of the internet and so much reading to catch up on, going over a data rate isn’t difficult. Follow these tips to set a mobile data limit on your Android phone — and make a large surprise cell phone bill a thing of the past.

How to Set a Mobile Data Limit on Android

If your Android smartphone operates on Android 4.4.2 KitKat or later, your phone should possess an option to help you set the amount of mobile data that your phone can use. The location of this setting will vary from phone to phone.

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Try this first to set your data limit. Visit “Settings” and look for “Data Usage.” Once here, tap the “Set Mobile Data Limit” option. Look closely at the date listed beneath this option. Does it match today’s date?

If so, then leave it alone. If not, click it and opt for “Change Cycle.” Then, you can set the right day for your data allowance to refresh.

Set Your Graph Data

Take a look at the graph. You can see that there are two separate lines. One line displays your set data limit while the other enables you to set where you want your data to fall when you receive a data limit usage warning popup.

How do you set your data limit? It couldn’t be any easier. Simply drag and drop the line where you would like it to be placed. While you can set the limit so it is the same as your allowance, if you set is slightly lower, you have a better chance of staying within your carrier’s data limit allowance. Sometimes carriers measure their data limit differently so this is a great way to safeguard your actions.

Don’t forget to set your warning line. It’s the lower of the two lines and very important. Drag and drop the line as before. This time, you’ll want the line to be placed somewhere around 75% of your data allowance. It’s an easy step to take to ensure that you don’t accidentally go over your data limit.

Smooth Running Android

Now that your data limit set, it’s time to improve the day to day functions of your phone. Simply install PSafe TOTAL. Keep your phone up to speed with PSafe Total Optimization — you’ll never guess how much memory is being used again. With antivirus and malware protection built right in, it’s the smart choice to keep your phone safe and running like it’s new again