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Save Your Phone from Water Damage with These Steps

Although some of these steps might not completely repair your phone, these techniques can minimize the water damage to your phone.

A drenched phone is never a welcome occurrence, especially when replacing your device can cost a pretty penny. Here are some ways to remove the water before the damage is irreparable.

  1. Turn off the phone. Do not attempt to turn it on. Remove it from a charger if it is plugged in, and take out the battery as quickly as possible.

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  1. Use a towel to dry your phone. Next, you should gently pat or dab all areas of the phone with a towel, especially the keyboard.
  2. Sanitize the phone. At this point, you can either decide to “cleanse” your phone of any dirty substances or else skip straight to step 4. Do not immediately put it in a bag or dish of rice. Many sources will tell you to put your phone directly into a bag of rice. However, this can end up damaging your phone more, as grains can work their way into small spaces and cause harm on their own. Instead — especially if your phone fell in a toilet or was covered in a sticky liquid like beer — focus on removing harmful substances. After, pat your phone dry with a towel and leave it for at least 24 hours. Some sources suggest using distilled or clean water; others say 100% rubbing alcohol should do the trick.
  3. Absorb any residual water. In this stage, you can either use a vacuum to suck out the remaining water, put it in an airtight ziplock bag, or, if you already have one, use a phone drying pouch or Silica Desiccant (the small beads found in those pouches in new shoes). Alternatively, you can put the phone next to an air conditioning vent or dehumidifier. Leave the phone, turned off, for at least 24 to 48 hours. (Some people also swear by rice, but keep the risks of “rice damage” in mind.)
  4. Put the battery back in your phone. After waiting the minimum three days between steps, try to turn on your phone. If it powers on, take a minute to test all the buttons and regular functions. If it seems normal, you’re probably in the clear. Keep an eye on it for the next few days, but if it continues to function without problems, then your phone is damage-free.