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Save and Share Favorite Places with Google Maps’ New Feature

Discover how to connect with friends, relatives, colleagues, and even perfect strangers by using Google Maps' new feature for saving and sharing places.

Google Maps has undoubtedly been useful to the hundreds of millions of people who have used it over the years. It is one of the most popular maps apps on the market. Google Maps can help you find a place you have never been to before, discover interesting places to visit, or provide information about a shortcut to a place you travel to regularly, among many other features. The app also offers information on traffic and accidents, so you can adjust your route accordingly. Even so, Google Maps is about to become a whole lot more useful — as well as more social — thanks to its newest feature for Android devices.

How Google Maps’ New Feature Works

The new Google Maps feature is available to all Android users. It allows users to star, save, and share any place on the map with others. The three current categories are “Favorites,” “Want to Go,” and “Starred.” You can make your lists private, share them with select groups of people, or even make them public for the whole world to see.

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The system has clearly been designed to create a social atmosphere on a site/app that is not typically considered to be a social media network. It makes it easy for people to share the name of, and directions to, a particular spot with others who they are planning to meet up with. It helps users to tell others about great things to see and do in any given city or local area. It can also help users explore their city by selecting which places of interest they haven’t seen yet. It makes it easy to move the places to a new folder as they visit the places in question.

Naturally, businesses are likely to find uses for this new feature, as well. It is great for promoting business places in different cities or highlighting great places to shop, eat, hang out, and more.

While not all of Google’s changes, updates, and new features have been welcomed by the general public, the new Google Maps feature is undoubtedly an upgrade that is sure to be appreciated by people from all walks of life. It is versatile, easy to use, and enables people to effectively categorize and share the names and addresses of important places. It can also help businesses and entrepreneurs easily share information that would be of use to the general public.