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Scams: What to Look For and How to Stay Protected

It takes one look at the average inbox to see what a scam email looks like, but not all scams are the same. Learn more

There are a lot of scams out there, but lately they’ve been going from the real world to the digital. Did you know some scammers specifically target Android phones? Stay ahead of the curve, and keep an eye out for the following:

Facebook Cloning Scam

You’re on Facebook, playing basketball on the Messenger, sharing status updates, and liking everything in sight. Sounds nice, right? But, some scam artists are using Facebook to obtain your personal information. If you receive an invite to connect with a family member, or friend you thought you were already connected to, be wary. There are scammers out there who’ll use the profile image, and basic information from a connection’s page to create a convincing copy. Then, they’ll reach out to you with a sob story about how they need money wired to them. Don’t fall for it. Instead, make sure you call, and speak with the person behind the profile to make sure it really is your sister asking for help, and not a scammer!

You’ve Won!

It feels good to win, doesn’t it? That’s the positive feeling scammers are banking on when they send you a text message telling you that you’ve won a prize. For some, the idea of a freebie is too good to pass up. Sometimes, these scammers even offer a trial period for “free” software (most likely malware), while others request money to increase your odds of winning a mega huge prize. It’s illegal to ask for cash in order to win a prize. Practice smartphone safety. Delete these bogus messages, and move on.

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Phishing Scams

What do you do when your bank sends you a text saying your account has been compromised? Absolutely nothing, because that isn’t how banks work. Yet, that’s exactly what a con artist would have you believe. These scammers won’t start off by asking for your personal information. They will wait until they lull you into a false sense of security, and link you to a form where you can enter in your bank account information, and PIN number. Bad move. They make off with your cash, and you end up in the red. Protect your data. Call up your bank directly to avoid any confusion.

Stay Alert and Avoid the Scammers

Shady scammers are out there, and every day they find new ways to trick people into revealing their personal information. In the chance you let one of these scammers slip through the cracks, keep your Android protected with PSafe TOTAL. Through its antivirus protection, your smartphone will be in better hands.