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Security Features of the Android 7.0 Nougat

Nougat provides new and up-to-date security features. Learn more about six of the new helpful and powerful security features available on this Android update.

Android 7.0 with Nougat (yep, that the system’s name) software was just released in early August. This Android is packed with updates, including a split-screen mode, notifications bundled by app, and, yes, even an awesome, secret cat collecting game. But, like most technology updates, Nougat also has some great new security features that are worth mentioning. Here are six of the big ones.

Improved Encryption
The encryption on the Nougat is more sophisticated than in systems past. The explanation can be confusing, but just know that it moves encryption to the file level to improve security.

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Data Saver
With the data saver mode running, you can make sure that any app running in the background of your phone won’t be able to send and receive data without your knowledge. Only sending and receiving data when you’re aware of it can improve your phone’s security.

Automatic Software Updates
It’s important that you update your apps whenever a fix is released — or you might compromise your phone’s security. Once a manufacturer or carrier approves and sends out an update, Nougat automatically updates your phone — without you having to do anything about it.

New and Improved System Backup and Restore
It’s an important part of a security package that you can restore your files to the state they were in before a hack or security breach. Android’s backup and restore system on 7.0 delivers. You can link your phone to your Google account and then restore your device’s settings, including accessibility and app permissions, whenever you link it to a new device.

Trusted Face
This new and improved feature lets you unlock your system by adding a picture of your face to unlock it. Older systems had this feature, as well, but Nougat recognizes your face in different lighting conditions and when you make changes to your appearance, like putting on glasses.

Folder-Specific App Access
In the new system, you can allow apps to access only specific folders on your operating system, rather than the entire system. That means that apps won’t be able to gain access to sensitive or private materials.

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