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How to Up Your Social Media Game with GIFs

GIFs are the latest craze when it comes to getting more likes on social media. Here’s how you can upload them to different platforms

In case you’re somehow unaware, a GIF is a short, digital video image. For many of us, it’s like a moving photo that takes the place of a stagnant picture. Today, GIFs are the millennial generation’s pride and joy. They can be used in a number of ways, for presentations, emails, or funny text messages.

Just recently, GIFs started gaining popularity in the world of social media. However, the fact that they are not-quite-pictures, but not-quite-videos can make the process of inserting them into different venues complicated. Here is a quick guide on how you can use GIFs on all of your favorite social media platforms:

 To use a GIF on Instagram, you must save, and select the file from your device. If you find the GIF online, save it as a link instead of an image. You can then download the GIF onto your phone, via the link, and it will be saved to your camera roll. When you enter Instagram, click on the button to the left of the shutter to open your photo gallery, and select the desired GIF.

To post a GIF in a Facebook status update, or on someone’s wall, simply paste the URL of the GIF into the “Update status” option. This will upload the GIF in a visual format to the status.

To post a GIF in a Facebook comment, you must go to the far right corner of the “Add a comment” option. There you’ll see a button labeled “GIF.” When you click on this button, you can upload a link of the GIF as a comment.

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GIFs can be uploaded to Twitter via the photo gallery after downloading the link to your device. Using the same process described for Instagram, download the link from a website, and the GIF will be saved to your camera roll. Once the GIF is downloaded, tap the camera icon on Twitter, and select the desired GIF from your photo gallery.

To use a GIF from the GIF library, tap the button labeled “GIF” on Twitter, and you will have access to Twitter’s GIF database. Keep in mind that you can only include one GIF per Tweet, but they will be posted in full size.

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GIFs are not the only fun, high tech option available for your social media outlets. If you’re interested in upping your Facebook game in other ways, check out our blog post on the latest Facebook features, and download PSafe TOTAL so your GIFs will never lag on you again