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How to Spot a Malicious Link Through Text Message

These days, a staggering amount of viruses, malware, and other threats are sent through SMS and MMS. Protect yourself by learning the 101 on phishing URLs.

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Ways You Can Detect a Phishing Link

As an Android user, you’ll be happy to know that malicious URLs are often easy to spot. Here are the top 3 ways to recognize a phishing attempt.


You don’t recognize the sender. Remember how your parents said never to talk to strangers? Well, you shouldn’t be opening their URLs either. If you get a message from someone you don’t know, opening the link they send you is a very poor idea. Additionally, hackers often pretend to be a reputable institution, like your bank, school, or employer, so be very careful.

The text message seems too good to be true. If the SMS says you’ve won the lottery or a contest you didn’t enter, then unfortunately for you, it’s probably a hacking attempt. While it’d be lovely to become an instant millionaire, you’re more likely to end up being someone with a hacked phone. So, don’t open that tempting URL.

The link appears to be shortened or contains odd characters. Phishing links often look a little strange. Hackers like using shortening services to create a compact URL. This trick is excellent for masking insidious URLs. But you can safely expand these links by using online tools, such as CheckShortURL and Unfurlr. On the flip side, a malicious link can also be very long and contain unusual characters. Symbols like “%” are often a warning sign that the original URL is encoded and hiding its dangerous origins.

When it comes to detecting malicious text messages on your Android there is a secondary way to safeguard your phone. Clicking on a link in a text message is a quick and easy way for a hacker to take control of your phone. To protect your device and personal information from phishing attacks, activate Anti-Hacking now:

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