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Your Dying Android Smartphone Needs a Bit of Spring Cleaning

Refresh your favorite device with these tips and tricks to ensure it's ready for what lays ahead!

Your phone has enjoyed the winter, eating mounds of turkey, not worrying about mowing the lawn, and drinking as much hot chocolate as it desired – or wait, was that you? Ah, yes, your smartphone – the gadget in your pocket – it’s also been working hard tackling endless holiday photos, downloading the season’s latest apps, and researching the perfect recipe for cranberry sauce.

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With all that work being carried out by your smartphone, it might be time for a bit of cleaning – a fantastic start to the spring season! Here are some tips to get you started on your journey and speed up your device.

Remove Those Duplicate Photos and Videos
We all love grandpa, but do we really need twenty different photos and videos of him carving the turkey? No doubt, after a long holiday season, our smartphones are stuffed more than the holiday bird. Take the time to delete duplicate files from your device and free up some extra space. Not only will your device’s overall speed increase, but you’ll have more room for those epic spring photos you have planned – you know, of the blooming nature and beautiful sunsets.

Delete Your Once Used Holiday Apps
How many new applications did you download this season? Six different cooking and recipe apps so you could impress your mom, along with that gigantic app your nephew needed to download to control his new robot toy. Now that the season has passed, it’s time to ditch those holiday focused apps. Deleting applications will free up more space on your device, and clear up background resources. The result? A faster device with less loading time and your nephew can always redownload his app when he remembers that $300 toy he played with for five minutes.

Update to Ring in the Spring
You’ve had more important things to do this winter season than update your phone – Mariah Carey singing ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ live when the New Year’s ball dropped, for instance. But, now that the holiday is over and Mariah’s been packaged away for another 365 days, you should take the opportunity to update your device. Head to your Android’s settings to download the latest software. Not only can an upgrade fix security flaws within your device, but new tweaks can improve your device’s overall performance.

Quickly Boost That Phone
If your phone is feeling sluggish and bogged down, download an enhancement app such as dfndr performance for Android; it features abilities such as a memory booster feature to stop resource hogging applications, which will free up RAM and helps prevent crashes or lags.

And that’s all she wrote. Take some time to follow these steps, so your favorite pocketable friend is will be a bit faster and you can be ready for what new adventures lay ahead – like your actual spring cleaning!