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How to Take Advantage of Android HDR

If you’re looking to take your photo-taking skills to the next level, the HDR feature on your Android phone can help. Learn more here

If you’re finally getting comfortable with your Android camera, maybe it’s time to try something new, experiment a little, and take your photos in a different direction. Enter HDR, three simple letters that stand for high dynamic range, and prepare to have your pictures changed for the better:

HDR for Android

HDR is the range of light and dark elements that exist within an image, continually taking Android photography to the next level. With HDR, images become more saturated, greatly enhanced, and gain a richness in color that can make even the most simple scene look otherworldly. It can also appear way too overdone if the HDR is used incorrectly, or with the wrong type of image.

HDR methods require three different shots of the same subject in three different tones (underexposed, normally exposed, and overexposed) which are then merged together to form one ultra enhanced image.

Is it possible to get an HDR effect with your Android camera phone? You bet’cha! Grab your Android smartphone, and look to see if HDR is available in the settings. It may be found under shooting mode, settings, or camera scenes, depending on the make of your phone. It may also be termed “Rich Tone,” as it is in Samsung models.

However, not all camera phones offer this function. If your smartphone does not, you can easily snag the same setting by downloading one of the many camera apps that contain this feature.

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Using HDR Mode

HDR is best for unbalanced landscapes, like when the sun is making your subject too dark. It’s also a great way to bring out a drab sky. Portraits with an overly bright background can benefit from a little HDR action, smoothing out the exposure so features, and colors become bold. Really, many low-level light issues could take advantage of HDR.

If, however, you are taking a shot where the colors count, like with a sunrise, or a bird or cat in the garden, you may want to turn off the HDR function so you can let the true colors shine through.

Increase Your Know-How

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