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Why You Should Take an Inventory of Your Apps

Are you someone who loves downloading apps but your phone is too slow? You may find that taking inventory of your apps is an easy way to speed up your phone.

Has your phone been running more slowly recently? Chances are, if you have had your phone for more than six months, then you’ll notice that your loading speeds, download speeds, and the overall abilities of your device have stagnated or decreased greatly. This isn’t uncommon, as your phone will slow down over time when its memory is devoted to photos, applications, and who knows what else running in the background. But there are steps users can take to reclaim their device’s speed. It all starts with taking inventory of your applications and clearing useless apps you aren’t using any longer. Try out dfndr security’s app manager feature to control those out of control applications:   


How Many Apps Are on Your Phone?
Odds are, you’ve downloaded a lot of applications since you first pulled your new phone out of the box. Consider all of the social media applications, games, and all of the applications like Netflix and Uber that most users can’t go without, and the average smartphone user has 32 applications installed. Chances are, you may not be using some of them, or some of them may serve the same function, like Lyft and Uber. Users can thus take steps to consolidate their applications.

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Take an Inventory of Your Apps
Users can manually go through all of their applications and not only delete unused apps, but also manage data preferences. They can also configure what information is shared through applications, and if those applications are allowed to store information on the device itself. Many applications like Facebook ask to track location or save cookies on your device, and these can eat up huge chunks of memory without users knowing why. While manually going through these applications can be tedious and thankless, many users have reported that it is an effective way to increase device speeds and return the device to normal. Try all these tips to bring your beloved phone back to life and remember you can always add back an app at a later date.