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How to Take A Screenshot While Using Instagram

Just because Instagram doesn’t offer you a “share” button, doesn’t mean you can’t take a screenshot. It’s easier than you might think!

There are tons of reasons you might want to take a screenshot of an Instagram photo. Maybe you want to copy a blogger’s new outfit, or since there’s no “share” button on Instagram like on other social media channels, you might want to #regram a beautiful vacation shot. Whatever your reason, we’ll teach the ways to screenshot an Instagram photo to save or regram on your own account.

Remember: if you do regram someone else’s photo, there’s etiquette that should be followed. Always give credit where credit is due.

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Saving Photos on Most Android Phones:

  1. First, find the down-volume and the sleep/wake button of the side of your phone. These are the physical buttons, not buttons on your screen.
  1. Next, hold both buttons down at the same time.
  1. When the screen flashes, you will have taken and saved a screenshot.
  1. Once you’ve taken your screenshot, you can view it in the Gallery app. It will likely be saved in an album called “Screenshots.” You can treat it like any other photo, cropping or adjusting the image to your liking.
  1. Once the screenshot is saved, opening the Instagram app and navigating to post (a camera icon) will prompt you to upload your recently-snapped screenshot.

If This Doesn’t Work and You Have an Android Phone:

  1. If you tried the above method and it didn’t work, check to see if you have a home button. Some Android phones with a home button don’t take screenshots in the way previously described.
  1. If you do have a home button, hold it down along with the power button until the screen flashes.
  1. Once the screenshot is taken, follow steps four and five described above.

Saving Pictures on a PC:

  1. Locate the PrtScn (Print Screen) button on your computer. This button is unusually located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2.  Click the button to save whatever is on your screen. Remember, this will save your entire screen, not just the Instagram photo.