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The Top 5 Apps for Savvy Investors on Android

It doesn't matter whether you're a newbie investor or a stock market pro, these Android investing apps are perfect for any expertise level.

When it comes to investing in today’s world, there are seemingly endless options. If you’re looking for a great investment app, look no further. One of the following apps is sure to be the app for you.

  1. Acorns

This is the perfect investment app for savvy investors looking for a very hands-off experience. With Acorns you can just set it and forget it. The app takes the spare change from each purchase you make and invests it. So if your coffee was $5.95, then it invests the $.05. Acorns is a super fun way to invest your spare change, and it is exciting for new investors.

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  1. Forex Hero

This investing app is unlike any of the others on this list because it’s actually a simulation game. In Forex Hero you try to make money by trading different currencies while using real strategies about stock trading. Once you start playing you may not even realize that you’re actually learning about the world of investing. This is a good app to choose if you’re new to investment or if you just want to put your investment strategy to the test without risking any real money.

  1. SigFig Wealth Management

With this app you can manage, optimize, and track your existing investment portfolios. You can also sign up and create a personalized investment plan and fund the account. With SigFig the first $10,000 you invest in your portfolio is managed for free. The only downside to this app for long-term investors is that it only gives you a three-year overview of your accounts, while many other similar apps will give you a five- to ten-year overview.

  1. FRED Economic Data

This neat app gives its users access to 40,000 data sets from all around the world. This information is extremely handy to the typical investor because you can use data to see how well certain companies have done in the past and find trends to help advise your investments. The best part is that all of the data on this app is free; the app provides a lot of useful investment information and tips.

  1. StockTwits

StockTwits is a beautifully designed app that’s easy to use. The app gives you the ability to check trending stocks, sort stocks, and create stock watch lists. It’s extremely simple to use and keeps everything streamlined and easy to visualize. You can even watch the gains and losses that stocks have over a set period of time. StockTwits is completely free to download with no hidden charges once you start using it.