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Tips on Charging Your Phone When Traveling Internationally

Feel safe and secure as you travel around the globe by making sure your phone is always charged properly. The last thing you want is a dead phone!

Traveling is a whole lot of fun, but traversing foreign streets and trying to make a plane, train, or dinner reservation on time becomes significantly more difficult if your phone suddenly dies on you. While it is important to buy various types of converters to deal with the myriad of plugs from around the world, making sure your phone’s battery remains healthy is equally as important. A battery that is often overcharged will quickly become a liability as your phone dies more and more quickly. Click here to use the total charge feature to prevent overcharging your device:

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While traveling in foreign countries, there’s not always an easy place to charge your phone, so wherever you’re staying is often your most reliable option. Before you go to a foreign country, make sure you have the proper outlet converter. While some countries use the Type A plug — i.e. the two-prong plug commonly used in the U.S. (as well as Mexico and Japan) — most European countries use Type C, E, and F, all of which have rounded prongs. Purchasing the proper converter will allow you to charge your phone safely and quickly while abroad.

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Still, even a fully charged battery can drain quickly if your phone doesn’t have a long battery life. Having a strong battery will allow longer excursions away from assured outlets, which means more exploration and fun for you. While keeping your battery charged while abroad is essential, a lot of the work is done on a daily basis in your own home before the trip. There is no way to make a battery magically better, but keeping a watchful eye on charges is a necessary step in order to not wear your battery down. Luckily, total charge will assist you in your everyday battery life.

total charge will carefully monitor your phone as it charges, sending you notifications when it is time to unplug it. This will prevent you from overcharging your phone, which can be harmful to its battery. By making sure you never leave your battery over- or undercharged, you can prolong its life. You’ll also feel safer stepping away from your charger and into the streets, parks, or forests of whatever beautiful city you find yourself in.

Of course, if you ever find yourself with a dead phone, step into a nearby cafe and ask if you can use a charger. More often than not, people will turn out to be friendly and excited to help out someone visiting their town. Just don’t forget to buy a coffee while you wait, and thank them for their help!