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Transform Your Android Into a Laptop Right Now!

People have more devices than ever with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. Your Android can now do double-duty and work as a laptop in a few simple steps.

To keep from having to purchase and carry around a number of technological devices, many people today are looking for devices that can do double-duty. The good news is that your Android phone has the ability to be turned into a laptop through the use of Superbook by Andromium.

What is Superbook and How Does It Work

Superbook is a smart laptop shell that produces a complete laptop experience when it is connected to your Android smartphone. The smart laptop shell features a laptop sized screen, a keyboard, and a touchpad. The only thing that is missing from this pseudo-laptop is a processor. Connecting it to your android phone, however, provides the shell with processor functioning. This smart laptop shell allows an android smartphone user to use it as if it were a laptop when it is connected to the phone.

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The Superbook is a product that was funded through the use of Kickstarter. The makers of the Superbook boast that the device allows users to do everything that they normally would do on a laptop by simply plugging a smartphone into the device. Browsing, programming, using office applications, and more are all possible on this device through the Andromium OS app.

What Type of Android Device Do You Need

Not all Android smartphones can be used with Superbook. Your Android device must run Android 5.0 or later. This allows the phone to have enough capability to power the laptop shell effectively.

Get Your Superbook Today

The Superbook is available on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter for the price of $99. You can purchase it today by going to the site and pledging the cost.

PSafe and The Superbook

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