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How to Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications

It’s great that your friends can all broadcast life on Facebook, but maybe you don’t always want to get their notifications about it.

Facebook now allows you and all of your friends to broadcast live. The live video even shows up on everyone’s newsfeeds. However, this has led to people getting swamped with unnecessary and unwanted notifications. Read on to find out how to get rid of these.

What is Facebook Live?
Facebook Live allows you to broadcast a live stream to your friends on their newsfeeds. This has been an exciting Facebook upgrade for people who want to broadcast live events for their friends, whether it’s a concert or a solo guitar session. However, every time someone posts one of these live videos, it notifies the entirety of their friends list. Needless to say, this can get pretty annoying. Whether it’s a news broadcast or an annoying kid trying to make it onto American Idol, we all get these live notifications from people we just don’t care about.

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Why is Facebook Live Necessary?
While the endless notifications can be extremely obnoxious, Facebook Live is actually an exciting innovation. This is a great opportunity for businesses to utilize whenever they need to promote an event or broadcast to their customers, especially during FAQ sessions. Facebook Live allows these businesses to actively engage with the community they are targeting.

So, How Do I Get Rid of These Annoying Notifications?
Luckily, after a series of complaints, Facebook has realized the burden they have casted upon their customers. So, they made a pretty easy way to disable these notifications.

First, in your Facebook mobile app or on the website, find the “settings” page. This is generally found in a drop down box on the top right corner of your homepage. Next, click on the “Notifications” icon.

Then you can select the “On Facebook” option. You will see a variety of notifications that you are currently getting informed about. Among these notifications should be “Live Video.” Turn off the notifications for the live videos. If you click on the option “Suggestions Off,” you can still receive Facebook Live notifications from your friends and companies you follow, but you won’t get any more suggestions from Facebook.

All done!
Those insufferable notifications will no longer show up on your home page. Now you can navigate Facebook with a filtered and clean notifications tab. For more social media hacks, check out the Psafe Blog.