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Twitter Locked Accounts That Needed “Extra Protection”

Twitter Locked Accounts That Needed “Extra Protection”

As Twitter has been exploding in popularity, several hackers are trying to take advantage of those with vulnerable Twitter accounts.

It had been previously rumored that Twitter was the victim of a severe security breach that compromised the safety of millions of users. While the company denied the breach, they did report that they will lock the accounts that are in need of extra protection. Twitter locks the account and then requires the user to reset their password online.

On June 6th, a Russian hacker who goes by Tessa88 claimed to have a cache containing valuable and private information belonging to over 378 million Twitter accounts. Three days later, Twitter announced on their Twitter account that they had locked the accounts that were in danger because of this hacker.

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Twitter is urging their users to create stronger passwords to further deter hacking. If you use passwords that are only one word, hackers can usually run algorithms by your account until they get a match on your password. Consequently, it is important for you to include multiple numbers and symbols in your password to prevent this from happening. For example, if your password is “potato,” a safer password could be “p0t@t034.” These complex passwords add an extra layer of protection from hackers and security breaches.

The problems associated with this supposed data breach extend way beyond the realm of Twitter. Hackers generally try and match the usernames and passwords with multiple other sites. Thus, security breaches tend to have a ripple effect and negatively affect other websites. This is because many social media users use the same username and password for all of their accounts.

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