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How to Use Free Phone-Charging Stations Safely

A public charging station is a convenience, but is it safe to use? Find out what you should do before your Android phone battery dies.

Somehow, you forgot to plug in your Android smartphone before you left for work. You can’t find your car charger, and your phone battery is on empty. You might just start eyeing that public charging station. So, what should you do? You might want to avoid these public charging stations. If it is an absolute necessity, though, follow these tips.

How to Use a Phone-Charging Station Safely

If you must use a free phone-charging station, then you should run a Full Virus Scan on your device immediately after charging your phone. If the station was compromised, then the scan will indicate whether or not your phone was infected with malware. You should generally run frequent virus scans on your Android phone so you catch anything it may have picked up before it causes any damage. Click above to scan your device and SD card for malicious malware.

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The Dangers of Free Phone-Charging Stations

If you plug your phone into a hacked outlet, your data would be at risk. When the port has been tampered with by hackers and thieves, these sneaky professionals can take everything. After all, you use your Android phone for everything, so you have a lot of personal information on your device that you need to protect. You shop online with it, you store passwords, you access your bank account and your PayPal or Venmo accounts, and you apply for jobs online. Whatever data goes into it, hackers can steal.

Alternative Option: Use a Portable Battery

Avoid using a public charging station and opt to tote around a lightweight, portable charger instead. If you don’t use one of those portable devices, you are potentially putting your data at risk. You could also be introducing malware or viruses into your system. That’s the last thing you want to do.

First, you’ll need to purchase a portable charging battery. These easy-to-tote batteries come in all sizes. Compare the different models to see which one best suits your needs. They all have something different to offer. Take a look at how long it takes to charge the device, how long it takes to charge your phone, how long it can hold power, how much power it can hold, and if it has other uses (like if it can charge your laptop). Think about how large the item is and if it can be conveniently stored within your laptop bag, backpack, or purse.