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Use These Helpful Apps to Teach Children to Read and Write

Use These Helpful Apps to Teach Children to Read and Write

Is it about time to teach your little one basic reading and writing skills? Aid their practice with some of the leading educational apps in the market.

As a parent, it’s important to play an essential role in developing your child’s literacy. When they leave the classroom, it’s possible to continue their education at home or on the go, no pens or paper required. Next time your child asks to play with your phone, open up one of these apps to keep their attention occupied and their mind stimulated.

123s ABCs Kids Handwriting
This app offers the bare essentials to teaching kids how to write. New writers can trace letters, shapes, and numbers to gain exposure to the practice of handwriting. It’s good for kids who are a bit farther along in their progress, as it offers fewer interactive elements than its competitors, some of which might serve as a distraction.

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LetterSchool Free
This award-winning app covers the basic shapes of letters, both uppercase and lowercase, and numbers 1 through 10 as well. There are four games that test the child’s memory and skills they’ve learned, and their progress is tracked along the way. It only requires Android 2.3 and up.

Cursive Writing Wizard Letters
Not every school offers cursive in the curriculum, but your child can learn at home with this interactive handwriting app. Personalized word lists can be created to produce a wide variety of words, and each child’s progress is tracked through reports and records of their letters written. Different fonts and other customizations are available.

Endless Reader
As a follow-up to Endless Alphabet, which targets a younger audience, Endless Reader uses cute, digital monsters to act out the words associated with their narratives. The app uses basic language to get kids recognizing sounds and letter combinations while they learn to read, and there is no competitive element to it; kids can progress as they please. The Endless series offers more advanced apps, such as Advanced Wordplay, on Google Play.

Your Child’s Learning and PSafe
These apps require an extended amount of storage space to track their progress, and PSafe Total’s Memory Booster offers extended space to save all the work your child has done in these respective apps. To keep your child focused, use the Vault to lock distracting apps such as your phone’s contacts, photos, and text messages, and to prevent your child them from opening them accidently. Finally, to ensure that no unwanted or questionable forces disrupt their workflow, get Advanced Protection to block any third party intrusions, so you can have peace of your mind while your child plays.