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How to Watch 3D Movies with Your VR Headset

Do you want to be a part of your favorite movie? Now you can, by watching movies on one of these three popular virtual reality headsets.

Virtual reality headsets are steadily becoming the focus of many major tech companies, such as Google and Facebook. It’s largely considered to be the tech of the future. One of the experiences that users want to have on VR headsets is a 3D movie streaming experience. While several movie screening options for VR headsets are certainly in beta, the following will describe a few methods you can use to watch videos on your headset. No matter which way you choose to watch movies on your VR headset, you’ll be sure to find the movie-watching app or method that works best for you.

Use an app to stream movies.

Apps like BigScreen Beta and Virtual Desktop let you stream movies on your headset. Some of the benefits of using an app include the fact that you can customize the size of your screen, change the background color of the screen, or even change the distance that the screen is from you. Additionally, with an app, you can either watch a movie by yourself or invite friends to watch with you in a virtual theater. To stream movies from apps, you simply put in a DVD or else stream a movie from a service like Netflix or Amazon (like you would on your laptop or computer).

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Connect your VR headset to your computer.

To watch any movies that you have downloaded to your computer, connect your phone to your computer. Next, drop the video file downloaded onto your computer onto your phone. Finally, connect your VR headset to your phone to watch the film. With this method, you can still adjust the size of the screen on your VR headset. With some headsets like the Samsung Gear, you can set it so your screen won’t change perspective, even if the space around you is moving.

Stream videos from YouTube.

YouTube is full of 3D and 360-degree movies for you to experience. For many VR headsets, you need to download an app so that your device can tell which kind of video you want to watch from YouTube. To find videos on YouTube, first search and choose a 3D video from the YouTube site. Next, tap the video icon on the play bar and select 360. Finally, select the kind of 3D your app tells you to play. If you’ve selected the correct video type, you’ll be able to watch your movie clearly on your headset.