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Why You Should be Watching the Hottest US Tech Startups

Why You Should be Watching the Hottest US Tech Startups

From brand new companies to some that are somewhat more established, these are startups to follow as they become household names.

Many people think that tech startups stopped being incredibly profitable when the “dot com” bubble burst. However, that’s simply not the case. If you think about it, many startups have simply moved from a “web only” focus to now include smartphones, tablets, and up-and-coming virtual reality (or augmented reality) hardware and software. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the hottest tech startups around today!

This New York based startup is aiming to make payroll, benefits, and talent management easier for companies. Used by companies like The Motley Fool, Lending Home, and McKinney, Namely is starting to gain recognition across industries such as IT, healthcare, and customer service. By having an Open API, it is also highly flexible and easily customizable to any business’s needs.

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While Amazon is attempting to make same-day delivery a major feature of Amazon Prime, Postmates is making it available now. If you take the convenience of Uber coupled with the idea of on-demand delivery, you get Postmates! This tech startup connects customers with local couriers, so if you want dinner from your favorite restaurant, and they don’t deliver, Postmates will be your go-to!

If you’re into VR or AR technology, you’ve likely heard of HTC, Sony, and Oculus, but you may not have heard of IrisVR. This startup offers users the ability to create virtual reality experiences for their clients. They currently offer two main products: Scope, which renders images into a panoramic format, and Prospect, which is the VR software building platform, compatible with both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Perhaps the most popular tech startup on this list, Slack is changing the way small businesses work and communicate. Slack allows its users to create channels (such as #IT or #Marketing), then post to that channel so everyone subscribed can see what is going on. It also allows for private channels and direct messaging, so not all communication needs to be public. It also allows for attachments to be uploaded to channels, making it an excellent project management tool. It is accessible from both the web and via their app on mobile devices.