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Wearable Technology Options Beyond Watches

In its earliest days, wearable tech was all about utilitarian watches and bands. Now, you can look more like a fashionista than a geek with wearable tech.

Wearable tech — or devices that connect to Wi-Fi networks and transmit information — started out as kind of basic. Often consisting of simple watches or bands, wearable tech worked well, but it didn’t exactly make a fashion statement. Now, that’s all changing. Wearable tech has become both useful and fashionable. Here are some of our favorite pieces of wearable tech for the next time you want to connect and look good.

Topshop’s Wearables
The major U.K. retailer’s key rings, badges, and phone cases are a major draw for looking fashionable while hiding a Barclaycard bPay wearable payments chip — a virtual wallet system for Visa and Mastercard users. Some of the retailer’s previous collections have included metals, snake prints, and fish motifs.

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Bellabeat Leaf
The Bellabeat Leaf is an attractive wood and steel or gold design that you can wear either as a necklace or a pin. The Leaf is exclusively designed for women, and tracks your menstrual cycle, sleep times, steps, and stress levels. The Leaf is particularly attractive because you so rarely have to charge it — the Bellabeat has an incredible six-month long battery life.

Ringly is what it sounds like: a ring that comes in different semi-precious stones like emerald and sapphire. The ring — which come in chunky statement pieces and delicate varieties — syncs with your Android to tell you about calls and messages you missed if you don’t have your phone with you. The ring also works with apps including Twitter and Facebook and has partnered with Mastercard to let users make contact-free payments.

This wearable device is redefining the traditional friendship bracelet. The light-bright, neon wearable lets users pair up with their friends, and once they’ve been paired, notifies users of their friends’ proximity. It will also let users send light coded messages between devices. Teen girls also love the customized detachable gems available as accessories for this wearable.

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