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WhatsApp Now Features Essential Additions

With additions such as voicemail and new fonts, WhatsApp has gone from a cool app to a must-have necessity for every smartphone.

WhatsApp has had a remarkably bustling eighteen months since its acquisition by Facebook. In that time, it released two much needed updates: end-to-end encryption and in-app voice calling. Now, WhatsApp is doing one better and releasing new updates in the Beta version.

New WhatsApp Features
WhatsApp is a free messaging app that enables users to call or text by using an internet connection. Files have been discovered within the beta app that point to the integration of Apple Music. This update could let users easily share songs that are stored on their phones or perhaps give Apple Music subscribers the ability to exchange songs. This feature could help streamline the music sharing process, taking away users from popular music sharing sites like Spotify.

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New WhatsApp Voicemail and Call Back Features
Voicemail and call back have appeared in WhatsApp beta version 2.16.189. Finally, WhatsApp will provide more functionality, crossing off two more items from a list of things that WhatsApp devotees have been asking for.

If your call isn’t answered, you will have the option to either call back the person (a redial), or you could press and then hold the microphone to send a voice message — without having to leave the screen you are on. That’s a convenient and timely addition that could help further assert WhatsApp dominance. Users have previously enjoyed an end-to-end encryption across all its platforms, bold and italic text formating, and a new “Settings” screen back in March.

Do you want “in” to test the new WhatsApp beta? It’s easy to get in the new features. Just know that there will be some issues with any beta testing. Report the problems so developers can improve the product.

  1. Head to the Google Play Store beta listing for WhatsApp.
  2. Make sure you are logged into your Gmail account then click “Become a Tester.”
  3. Return to the Google Play Store and update WhatsApp.