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Which Popular Apps Use Your Battery the Most?

Everyone watches their battery slowly drain throughout the day, but which popular apps are the most to blame for the battery draining so quickly?

To make your phone’s battery life last as long as possible, there are methods you can use to battle the worst battery-draining offenders. In addition to addressing apps that are affecting your phone’s battery life, you should also protect your phone’s battery from damage. One method is to use the total charge feature to monitor your phone’s battery life and preserve your battery’s lifespan:

Why Do Certain Apps Drain Your Battery?
Many of the most popular apps on your phone are also the culprits for why your battery never seems to last as long as it once did. The worst offenders usually have advanced display graphics or run animations. These graphics are more difficult for your phone to process and make your phone work much harder than it usually does.

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Another way these apps drain your battery is through the notifications they send you. When your phone is sleeping it is conserving power, but when these notifications “wake it up” they prevent that process and make your battery drain. Finally, apps that use your location, GPS, or camera are major drains on your battery because they require a lot of processing power.

Which Apps Waste the Most Battery Life?
Unsurprisingly, most of the apps that use the most battery are the apps that you use on a daily basis or even open multiple times a day. Snapchat is one of the worst battery-draining apps because it is constantly running in the background, using your camera, and sending you notifications.

Another popular battery-wasting app is Netflix. Every time you binge-watch a new series on your phone it uses your phone’s display, which uses the majority of your battery life. If you want to try to cut back on how much of your battery Netflix uses, try turning down the brightness; doing so will help to conserve a lot of battery life.

Email servers like Outlook or Gmail also use a lot of your phone’s battery. People tend to check their email very often or have their email set to constantly refresh so that they don’t miss a thing. But in reality, all of that syncing is wasting your battery life even when you’re not using your email.

Finally, another big battery waste is news apps like BBC News, CNN, or Fox News. People spend a lot of time reading these articles, which use the phone’s display. Another problem with these apps is that they send push notifications, which also contribute to draining your battery.