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Who Should You Hide Apps From and Why

Snooping eyes, children, and curious individuals all might be reasons to lock your favorite Android apps.

With Google Play Store’s teaming collection of exciting apps, there might be a few sensitive apps, as well as guilty pleasures, that you want to keep hidden. Don’t worry; we aren’t here to judge your secret love of Candy Crush. However, we are here to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes and snoops.

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If you want to keep curious individuals out of your Android phone, we recommend dfndr security’s applock feature. By creating a secondary passcode, you can quickly lock down apps that you don’t want anyone to access on your device. Whether your phone is stolen or you’re lending it to a friend, using applock can ensure your most important apps are off limits.

The concept of locking down apps, in general, might seem weird. You might be wondering, why bother doing this and on what occasions would you need to?

 Love Knows No Bounds in Your eBooks
We know, you love Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books; it’s the way she weaves vampire romance onto a page, but you don’t want your friends to discover her books’ in your Kindle app – not to mention all the detailed notes and highlights you took on Edward and Bella’s relationship. Be smart, lock your secrets away, but don’t delete the ‘undead’ passion.

Absolutely Not, You Can’t Buy That on Amazon
Kids seem to be born with an instant ability to understand technology, but that can sometimes have a downside. Keep those prying little fingers out of shopping and financial apps such as Android Pay or the Amazon Store. Sure, you want to make your kid happy, but how thrilled will you be when a $250 LEGO set shows up at your doorstep?

That Embarrassing Photo, ‘You Know the One’
It was late, you definitely lost count of the beers you were drinking and the number of karaoke songs you sang badly. Sure, you can look at the pics and laugh now, but your mother-in-law might beam a cold stare at you when she accidentally clicks on your photo gallery. Lock it all down, and hopefully, she won’t be curious to see what you were up to last Saturday.

Stop Your Friend From ‘Fixing’ Your Love Life
Anyone single can relate to dealing with ‘that person’ – the one who has made it their mission to put you in a relationship. Keep your privacy under wraps, and keep others from swiping left for you. After all, do you really need a date with another person that your friend finds absolutely ‘perfect?’ Maybe it’s time to “fire” your self-appointed matchmaker, because no, that guy in ripped camo shorts with the python probably isn’t your soulmate, no matter what your friend thinks.