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Why Lagging Can Make or Break Your Gameplay

Every avid gamer will tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than when your phone lags in the middle of a game, causing you to mess up or die.

Lagging is one of the most annoying parts of playing any game on your device. Just a split second of lag can cause you to lose a level or die. If you want to keep lags from ruining your game time after time, take advantage of the Game Booster feature to improve your gameplay, without any lagging:

Game Booster allows for a better gaming experience by optimizing your gaming apps and preventing annoying things like lag during game play.

What Is Lag?
Lag is generally considered to be slowed computer or smartphone response time. If your device has slow application response time, that’s considered lag. This lag can be especially bad for gamers because it can be the difference between winning and losing. If you press a button to make your character jump to avoid danger, and your device lags so he jumps too late, lag is essentially what killed your character.

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Lag can even cause the game to briefly pause, and when it unfreezes, your character will be in an entirely different place, causing you confusion. This also could be frustrating because your character could move to a dangerous spot after it unfreezes, which could cause death.

Some people would argue that every game you play has lag because your character doesn’t immediately perform the action right when you hit the button. There is always a fraction of a second of delay between the action and you pressing the button.

What Causes Lag?
Lag is usually caused by a slow cellular or Wi-Fi connection, or having too many apps downloaded on your computer or smartphone. If your device has a lot running in the background, then it will slow down all of your apps, including your gaming apps. Lag can even cause the game to slow to a stop, which causes many avid gamers to go crazy and become very upset.

In addition to using Game Booster to improve your gameplay, if you want to prevent lag when playing games, try finding a better Internet connection or else clearing any unused apps from your device with the App Manager feature. Click here to quickly remove unwanted apps in one screen:

Video games are so immersive, so when a game slows or stops completely, it can really take you out of the moment and cause frustration. This is why many online gamers will tell you that lag is their worst nightmare because it can make or break a game for them.