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Will Mobile Health Insurance Shopping Become the New Normal?

As more and more people want to take control of their health insurance plans, will we see more mobile options for insurance shopping?

There are lots and lots of apps available for Android. But did you know you can shop for health insurance using a mobile app? That’s right, you can compare health plans, scroll through pricing options, and choose the features you want while you’re out and about or from the comfort of your home. Insurance hunting and comparing all of your options can be time-consuming, though, so mobile health insurance shopping may not be your go-to for choosing the insurance you want.

You may already look at health insurance online, or this may be your first time taking on the task. These apps should offer you an easier, more user-friendly way to read up on various health plans. Check out some of the following health insurance-buying apps below.

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Stride Health

This app calls itself the “world’s first health insurance recommendation engine” because it suggests the best health plan for you based on your financial information, the annual cost of your plan, and your medical conditions. The app recommends what it calls a “best-fit financial investment,” as well as offering side-by-side comparisons so you can see if the app-generated plan is really the one for you.

Consumers’ Checkbook

This app lets would-be insurance buyers compare the yearly cost while setting parameters for family size, health characteristics, and age. Additionally, the app lets users personalize an overall quality rating, as well as personalizing it based on what matters to the user. Further, users can see if the doctors who they want to meet with most will be covered under the plan they choose. The app is particularly useful because of its speed; users are be able to compare plans quickly and thoroughly.

Clear Health Analytics’ Clear Health Plan Selector

Perhaps the simplest of these insurance apps, this one gives you a straightforward calculator that helps you figure out your premiums and out-of-pocket expenses with its clear cost estimator. The matrix included in the app helps families figure out what kinds of health services they’re likely to use, and, afterwards, provides a cost estimate to help them choose the right plan.

After you’ve chosen a plan, many insurance providers also have mobile apps that help users track their visits, use their premiums wisely, and see how many visits to different providers they have left to use. These mobile apps are already popular among big health insurers, and now, even smaller companies are providing them. Health care is truly going digital.