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Your Guide to Safely Using Family-Sharing Accounts

Family-sharing accounts make life easier, especially when you have little ones to look after. But what are the safety risks? Find out here!

Family-sharing is a great way for families to stay on the same plans or accounts as far as their electronics go, and it certainly simplifies things for parents that are looking for easy ways to manage their child’s Internet and data usage, as well as safety. In order to keep your devices safe, use the Advanced Protection feature to reinforce your family’s security on their Androids. Click here to protect your phone from hackers and thieves:

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You can set up family-sharing on mobile devices or even on particular softwares that you use on a day-to-day basis. However, family-sharing could come with its own list of associated risks, which is why it’s important to use Advanced Protection. Find out more about how to use this innovative offering without worry below.

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How Family-Sharing Accounts Are Helpful
There are many ways family-sharing accounts can be helpful, particularly when parents are looking to keep their children out of harm’s way. From a logistical standpoint, too, family-sharing accounts make payment and account management easier, which is a huge plus!

First, family-sharing accounts allow for location services to alert parents of where their children are located at virtually all times. It allows parents to track their every movement and know when they arrive at school safely. Additionally, family-sharing features make it easier for parents to dictate what applications, websites, and information their children have available to them on their cell phones.

With so much explicit content on the Internet, this is a helpful feature to take advantage of. Finally, these features allow you to limit your child’s time online, blocking them from certain social or gaming apps during homework time or the school day.

Safety Concerns of Family-Sharing
Because family-sharing accounts allow for so much heightened access across your family’s devices, it also poses some safety concerns. Namely, if a person’s device gets hacked, it means that the whole family is then at risk. That could mean the compromising of sensitive information and passwords.

Also, if one person’s device is lost or stolen, it will be easy for whoever gets their hands on that device to access the potentially sensitive or personal information of others. This includes others’ locations through the feature that allows for tracking. Additionally, this means that whoever has the device would be able to remotely wipe the devices of other family members, which is obviously less than ideal!